Special yarns use a wide variety of materials

Date:2019/10/6 11:15:45

After extruding the spinneret, the monofilament is made by double draft, and the monofilament fiber is twisted and made of three strands. Because the drawing wire has the characteristics of round diameter and moderate softness, it is not easy to appear the phenomenon of jumper and broken thread in the use process, and the thread trace is well-proportioned and full, no gap is left after the needle hole passes through the thread, which can ensure the filtration efficiency of the filter material.

Special yarn, also known as fancy yarn, refers to the yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained from the processing of fiber or yarn with special raw materials, special equipment or special process in the process of spinning and making yarn, and it is a kind of yarn with decorative function in yarn products. In recent years, in the yarn and fabric exhibition, special yarns and fabrics are dazzling.

Special yarns also use a wide variety of raw materials, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fibers, as well as hem material. Many different methods of producing special yarns can be combined to form new fancy yarns. Mainly divided into six categories, more than 70.

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