What is the difference between fancy yarn and fancy yarn

Date:2019/10/6 11:14:51

Fancy yarns have a fancy appearance for decoration, and there are many varieties and production methods. The structure of fancy yarn consists of core yarn, decorative yarn and fixed yarn. The core yarn bears the strength, is the main yarn; The decorative yarn is twisted and wrapped on the core yarn to form an effect. The fixed yarn is wrapped around the outer edge of the decorative yarn with opposite twist to fix the pattern.

Colored yarn: colored yarn refers to the yarn with colored fiber mixed into the base yarn in a certain proportion, so that the yarn presents distinct color segments and color points of different length and size, such as colored dotted line, rainbow line, etc. This kind of yarn is mostly used in women's and men's jackets.

Fancy yarn density is defined as the mass or weight of the raw material per unit length. In fact, it is difficult to measure the diameter and inch of the cut shape of the yarn.

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