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Jiang yin cheng yu yarns co., ltd.
ADD:NO.8,Kaiyuan Road,Yuntin industry park,Jiangyin,Jiangsu province,China.

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Jiang yin cheng yu yarns co., ltd is a professional fancy yarn factory, which collect R&D production and scales, the products cover governments material, home appliances, soft ware. In 2014,her annual sales revenues surpassed RMB 200 million.

With the international economy globalization, cheng yu branch company was set up in Bangladesh ,also established "Wuxi cheng yu company "and "Jiang wei International company". At the expanding enterprise constantly, Cheng yu is more concerned with serving customers timely and efficiently.

Cheng yu company gathered elite, make every effort to build core group ,so R&D department was set up in 2015,which broke new group in technology and production.

At this stage, Cheng yu is one of the biggest fancy yarn factory with full and specification . All kinds of fancy yarn are popular in WESTEN,JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA, such as roving yarn, slub yarn ,brush yarn, boucle yarn, bunchy yarn, tape yarn ,feather yarn ,chenille yarn, ply yarn and so on. Cheng yu was rewarded constantly as "Best Supplier" and "Advanced Unit" from the year 2010 to 2014.

Our company insists on being faithful and acting with integrity, expanding enterprise with determined struggle spirit, increasing production ,striving high technology market, integration into business culture, improving core competence and building international "Asia Sample Center"!

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Jiang yin cheng yu yarns co., ltd. Address:NO.8,Kaiyuan Road,Yuntin industry park,Jiangyin,Jiangsu province,China.
Phone:86-0510-86013370 Fax:86-0510-86098788